The Best Skin Care Routine For Winter

As the season change, our clothes and even our fashion change, so should our skincare routine! We are in the midst of winter, and our skin necessitates special care during this time of year. Because of changes in weather and temperature, our skin can become overly dry, and dry skin can lead to various problems such as cracked lips, peeling, skin dryness, and so on. As a result, nutrients are required for the skin to retain moisture properly.
That is why it is critical to change your winter skincare routine so that your skin can look and feel its best during the winter months!

Although we usually encourage twice-daily cleanse (along with toner, serum, and so on), we have included a few things for you to do to care for your skin and keep it happy during winter.

Nourish your skin while cleansing
The golden rule of winter skincare is to keep your skin moisturised. A lighter lotion may have sufficed to hydrate your skin during the heat of summer, but it is not a long-term solution in cooler temperatures. Winter is the season to use creamy cleansers. Select an oil-based foamy cleanser or experiment with cleansing oil. A homemade ground oatmeal scrub with honey is an excellent way to clean and exfoliate your skin naturally.

Hydrate Yourself Without Fail
Whether inside your home or outside, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. The air everywhere is drier in the winter. Because you are not sweating, you may not feel as thirsty. But don’t forget that the 8-glass-of-water requirement also applies in the winter! A lack of water intake has an immediate impact on your skin. It might cause your skin to appear dull and dry.

Add Seasonal Fruits Into Your Daily Diet
The Winter season usually makes you hungry. Seasonal vegetables and fruits taste delicious, but they also contain elements that the body requires at that time of year. Don’t forget to have green leafy vegetables, fruits, and millets to keep your body warm and robust during the winter. Furthermore, eating foods abundant with Omega 3, Vitamin A, C, and E can help you have moisturised and healthy skin.

Work Out & Excercise
Daily exercise raises our heart rate, which causes more blood to flow through our organs and skin. Exercise is essential for glowing skin. Sweating helps your body rid itself of pollutants. The more you exercise, and sweat, the more your skin will shine naturally. You naturally sweat less in the cold, so keep moving to bring on the radiance!

Use Lip Balm Whenever Your Lips Dry Out
Lips can dry out in seconds during the winter, so keep a lip balm available at all times. Winters and severe cold winds can cause your lips to become dry and flaky, and covering them under masks might cause more harm than we realise. An excellent lip balm is crucial for smooth and soft lips.

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