Laser Tattoo Removal: All you need to know

Once upon a time, tattoos were used to recognize an individual in ancient times. Still, now they have become a way to decorate the skin or communicate messages/personality styles. You love it at the moment when you have just inked yourself. But at some stage in your life, you may want to get rid of the same tattoo that you had done with great zest. In today’s modern times, nearly every other person has at least one tattoo. Almost half of all the youngsters today have procured one. But to be honest, not everyone is happy about their tattoos. There’s a significant percentage of people who regret their tattoos. To come to their rescue, Laser Tattoo Removal is the best technique to get rid of the unwanted tattoo pain-free and with almost no side effects.

Laser tattoo removal or permanent tattoo removal is the process of removing tattoos and other types of body ink by using lasers on pieces of ink to be removed naturally by the skin. Tattoos are no longer known to be permanent and irreversible skin patterns or markings. Now they are safely replaced by laser removal treatment.

Laser beam strip tattoos by deconstructing pigment colors with a high-intensity light ray. Black tattoo ink consumes all laser wavelengths, making it the best and quickest color to handle. Only chosen lasers based on the pigment color are used to treat other colors. First, you can arrange a consultation with a qualified professional who can assess your tattoo and advise you on the procedure. The amount of treatments you will need depends on your tattoo’s age, size, and color(s). The skin color and the depth of your tattoo ink can also influence the removal technique.

Some Frequently Asked Questions we feel are essential to answer are:

1. Are there any particular types of tattoos, or all types of tattoos be treated?
Usually, all tattoos may be cured. Standard greenish blue pigment tattoos display a positive response. Jet black tattoos can take time to disappear as reds and yellows in a tattoo. Even deep tattoos may take a lot more sessions but will certainly wither away with our new Laser equipment.

2. How many sessions is it usually going to take?
Mostly 4-6 sessions, but maybe eight are needed in some cases. It might depend on the colour and depth of the tattoo. And the body’s reaction to the laser, too.

3. Is treatment for laser tattoo removal painful?
It could be characterized as a minor puncturing sensation. We at Dr. Gauri’s Ever Young Clinic use numbing cream about 2 hours before the procedure to optimize the benefits and convenience to our patients. Before the start, you will be fully instructed by all the steps you should take when you come to the appointment, and anybody can follow it easily.

4. Will the outcome of the procedure, are permanent?
Once it has been eliminated, it is permanent. However, in some situations, even after 4-5 sessions, there’s still ghosting that seems to vanish as time passes. Time and sessions to diminish would depend on the strength of the colour and the tattoo’s depth.

5. Why should you opt for Dr. Gauri’s Ever Young Clinic’s Laser Removal?
While commencing for a high-end treatment like Laser Tattoo Removal, it is essential to get it done through a qualified and experienced professional who has already handled numerous laser treatments over time. Also, who has a 100% success rate with no casualty in any case. We are indeed a well-equipped and updated clinic with all the latest equipment.

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