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Anyone over the age of 30 would start noticing wrinkles suddenly appearing on their face. The hard reality is that no matter how well we’ve taken care of our skin, we naturally see a fall in the skin quality as a part of the age.

Skin being the most exposed part of the body and the most sensitive one, timely care is essential.

Is flawless skin just too much to ask for?


H2O is a must: – It should be your paramount priority to keep your skin hydrated. Our body is 60% water, and it is commonly recommended to drink 3-4 Litres of water in a day.
It all depends upon your diet: -Do keep a note of what you get on your plate. Feed yourself with veggies and fruits, including essential vitamins and proteins like vitamin C that help have glowing skin.
A Proper Good Night sleep: – Sound sleep is a must. Just like your body, even your skin requires a rest of at least 7-8 hours in a day.
Sweat it out: – Regular exercise has many benefits and among them is healthy skin. It’s essential to eliminate the toxic waste in your body in the form of sweat, and a good workout does precisely that!
Home remedies work wonders: – There are various home remedies like applying Honey, Lemon, Coconut oil, Aloe Vera on your skin for a natural glow. Just be careful about using only those remedies which suit your skin type.


Avoid Heavy usage of Cosmetics: Avoid using heavy makeup on your skin as chemicals could endanger your natural skin texture. They may also lead to skin infections like rashes and pimples on the skin.
Don’t let your skin be dry: – Timely care of your skin is a must and so avoid leaving skin dry and apply skincare lubricants along with a good massage using essential oils.
Avoid smoking and drinking: – Smoking harms the blood vessels that affect the flow of oxygen to every part of the skin. Alcohol affects your skin quality and makes your skin look dull.
Avoid Sun: – Avoid traveling out during bright sunlight or make use of skincare lubricants/Sunscreen.
Stop Popping your Pimples: – Pricking your pimples can cause reddish skin, swelling of the skin, and at times can also cause permanent scars on the skin.
Although you have tried out a combination of these remedies and skin-care routines, they may still feel insufficient or dissatisfying for your skin. Also, at times, trying too many things frequently can cause more harm than good.

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