Diamond Skin Polishing Therapy

Diamond Skin Polishing is a therapy that involves a diamond tip handheld modern device containing small diamond particles that, when pressed, loosen and temporarily remove the outer dead layer of skin. Diamond Polishing therapy thoroughly exfoliates dead skin cells, promoting the creation of new skin cells. You will have youthful and luminous skin at the end of the Diamond Skin Polishing session. This procedure also enhances blood flow to the skin.
This procedure is beneficial for delicate areas such as the under-eye and nearby areas.

The following are the main benefits of Diamond Skin Polishing Therapy:

  • The skin’s dead outer layer is removed, which stimulates the generation of new skin cells and improves the tone and texture of the skin.
  • Remove dirt and dust from the skin.
  • When done frequently, it reduces pore size, eliminates blackheads, reduces tanning and acne scars, and promotes skin renewal.
  • It is highly effective against sun-damaged skin.
  • This treatment efficiently treats skin pigmentation.
  • Stretch marks are effectively eliminated.
  • Acne and acne scars are significantly reduced.
  • Controls Excess oil production.
  • This method effectively treats whiteheads and blackheads.

Diamond Skin Polishing Therapy Aftercare:

Diamond Skin Polishing Therapy requires more time to heal, among other skin polishing procedures. Meanwhile, make sure you’re not touching your skin, avoid wearing cosmetics for a few days, and don’t use any topical creams/serums on your skin. To speed up the healing process, avoid touching your face and stay hydrated always.

To understand more about your skin and the skincare regimen it requires to stay healthy, visit Dr Gauri’s Ever Young Clinique and learn more about your skin and ultra-modern Skin Care therapies like Diamond Skin Polishing Treatment.

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