Ayur spa

Ayurvedic spa adopts ancient healing and cleansing method to promote overall wellness of individual. Ayurvedic spa offers holistic treatment that rejuvenates person’s mind body as well as spirit. This will help to diagnose even the subtle imbalance in the body. Since two people can’t have similar imbalance, ayurvedic spa treatment is specially customised according to the need of the person. People who have experienced ayurvedic spa describe it to be relaxing as well as revitalising. Ayur spa is popular among people, but very few Clinique offers this service.

Snehan - Snehana is one of the pre-procedures of panchakarma treatment. The purpose of snehana is to lubricate the body cells of the person to mobilize the doshas adhering to it.

Shirodhara - The Steam of medicated water helps opening fine pores on skin allowing the natural excretion path and heat of steam dilates the blood vessels allowing more blood to pass through muscles which supplies more nourishment.

Shirodhara Abhyanga (Hair spa) - Shirodhara helps protect and restore the health of distressed hair but it also has incredible benefits for overall well-being. Shiro Abhyanga or scalp massage with oils is incredible for releasing both mental and muscular tension and anxiety.

Padabhyang (foot spa) - In Ayurveda ‘Padabhyanga’ or ‘foot massage’ is considered the mother of all therapies. , Padabhyanga helps in acupressure and acupuncture are likely to have originated from this ancient art of healing.

Udvartan - It is a well-known Ayurvedic powder massage that includes scrubbing of the whole body using the ubtan (paste) made out of the mixture of the different herbs and grains which contain the property of scrapping the fat.

Pottali Swedan - It is a highly effective treatment in which fresh plant leaves and various herbals ingredients and tied into cloth, dipped into warm medicated oil used for massaging the body. It’s specialised in chronic back pain, Loss of function of a part or whole limb, Muscle pain, and Joint stiffness.

Kati Basti (Back Therapy) - In Kati Basti warm medicated oil is kept on the affected part of the back region. This stimulates blood flow to the affected area and releases the blocked or vitiated Vata Dosha. This way it, to an extent, helps eliminate the root cause of back pain.

Complete Detoxification - Detoxing has been popular for quite some time. Detoxing refers to short?term interventions that eliminates toxins from the body, improve health, cause rapid weight loss, and make skin glow.

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