We live in the age of information overdrive with modern innovative solutions from medical science which includes treatments like Botox, Laser Correction Treatments, Trichology Skin Treatments, Cosmetic Dermatology and Body Shape therapy are the fastest growing segments of the Indian aesthetics industry. What was once counted as a luxury, has become a ‘MUST HAVE’ today. A necessity dictated by the changes in our lifestyle and the demands of the society today, imposed on us to look good and feel better than others.

Dr.Gauri Chavan’s Ever Young Clinque
, a state-of art institution with complete focus on providing effective result oriented clinical solutions to everyone. We offer dedicated treatments with latest laser correction technologies and other cosmetic innovations to bring you the most focused BEAUTY, SKINCARE & HAIRCARE solutions. We are technologically and ethically driven, beauty care solutions provider in the field of cosmetic trichology. We offer innovative treatments in the areas of body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and laser aesthetics.

Dr.Gauri Chavan, a highly qualified doctor specialized in various ultra-modern medical skills like Trichology, Cosmetology, Obesity and Diet Management to name a few. She has a far-reaching practical experience of more than 14 years as a physician along with specialization in hair, skin and slimming treatment procedures as a part of her medical practice.

Dr.Gauri Chavan is a familiar household name today, as she offers SKIN EXPERT GUIDELINES segment on the famous television program SMART WOMEN which is aired on ZEE 24 TAAS Every Friday at 2:30 pm (I.S.T.)


Our Vision:

To offer the best of all SKINCARE, HAIRCARE & BODY SHAPE treatment solutions at affordable price to everyone and to make them feel in control of their destinies and encourage them to lead successful lives through the ability to look and feel attractive.

Our Mission: To enable our clients to be physically attractive by employing the most advanced technology, while adhering to the highest ethical standards and always put the client’s best interests first.